Amrith Noni Pain Oil - 100ml

Amrith Noni

Amrith Noni Pain Oil

₹ 240

Amrith Noni Pain Oil consists of Noni fruit extract, nirgundi, rasna, maricha, shunti, shallakki, and other herbs which effectively reduce all types of external body pain. Amrith Noni Pain Oil works effectively and offers great relief from joint pain and other types of body pain like, sprains, strains, muscle pain or chronic pain.

Prepared under the guidance of ayurvedic doctors, ayurvedic references and researchers, Amrith Noni Pain Oil has undergone pre-clinical studies and has GMP, ISO certifications and it is safe for human consumption.

How to Use

Very gently massage the affected parts with 5-6 drops of Pain oil. After half an hour give a hot pack with tolerably.
If this is done twice a day, the results will be very good.

Special instructions

1. Take care not to allow oil to enter the eyes.
2. The oil is to be applied only on the outer areas of the body.
3. If burning, severe irritation and red rashes are seen, stop the application of pain oil and seek the doctor's advise
4. Should not be applied on open wounds.