Krishna Migraine Care Juice
  • Krishna Migraine Care Juice
  • Krishna Migraine Care Juice
  • Krishna Migraine Care Juice
  • Krishna Migraine Care Juice
  • Krishna Migraine Care Juice
  • Krishna Migraine Care Juice


Migraine Care Juice

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Krishna’s Migraine Care Juice

Do you experience migraines? Trying to find ways to reduce it? Most likely, you would say "yes." 

However, did you know about Krishna's Herbal & Ayurveda Migraine Care Juice? It is a fine blend of 9 natural herbs that includes sonth, pippali, pipramul, chitrak mool, ajmood, harad, amla, chirata, and chavya. All nine of these plants are amazing ayurvedic herbs to heal you from migraine problems. Also after a week of use, our migraine care juice will start showing the best results.

  1. Sonth (Dry ginger) - Sonth is made up of bioactive components including phenolic and terpene nutrients. These compounds are medicinal in nature. Migraine care juice contains sonth, which soothes pain and headaches. It also helps with stomach aches, chest discomfort, and the common cold. 
  2. Pippali (Long pepper) - Pippali has decongestant, bronchial, and expectorant effects due to its phlegm balancing abilities. Pippali soothes the cough, clears the airways, and allows you to breathe easily. Ease of breath promotes brain function.
  3. Pipramul (Long pepper root) - Pipramul is composed of a nutrient called piperin. This nutrient inhibits and kills parasites. This herb improvises brain activity and is used in Migraine Care Juice.
  4. Chitrak mool (plumbago zeylanica) - Chitrak mool has a diverse spectrum of phytonutrients with diverse pharmacological properties. It's used to manage persistent menstruation issues, viral warts, and the nerve system of the brain.
  5. Ajmood (Carom seeds) - One of the ingredients in Migraine Care Juice is ajmoda, which can be used to treat gas and bloating. It has antiseptic properties in the intestine. It is also beneficial in the treatment of bronchitis, asthma, headache and cough.
  6. Harad (Indian hog plum) - Harad has several health advantages because of its phytonutrients such as polyphenols, flavonoids. Harad has a revitalizing effect that boosts immunity and lengthens life. It also helps in managing the stress.
  7. Amla (Indian gooseberry) - Vitamin C, phenols, dietary fiber, and antioxidants are abundant in Amla. Migraine care juice contains amla, which has health advantages such as improving liver health, supporting healthy digestion, stimulating heart health, promoting hair growth, and enhancing kidney health. Thus, promoting overall health and reducing stress for better brain health.
  8. Chirata (Swertia chirata) - Chirata is a plant having a lot of therapeutic properties. Constipation, fever, skin problems, and loss of appetite might all benefit from it. This also informs the regular sleep schedule that our bodies maintain for us at night. Better sleep, healthier the brain.
  9. Chavya (Cubeb) - Chavya is used in Migraine care juice. Chavya helps to ease pain and mucus. Constipation is relieved, digestion is improved, and worm infestations are cured.