Revinto Bonbuild Tablets - 100Tablet


Bonbuild Tablets

₹ 675

₹ 775


Bonbuild Tablets used to prevent and treat certain types of bone loss (osteoporosis). Osteoporosis causes bones to become thinner and break more easily.

Chance of developing osteoporosis increases after menopause, as you age, or if you take corticosteroid medications (such as prednisone) for long periods. This medication works by slowing bone loss to help maintain strong bones and reduce the risk of broken bones (fractures).


  • Increases Bone mineral Density
  • Builds-up bone Structure
  • Prevent Osteoporosis
  • Effective in Recovering from Fractures
  • Provide absorbable calcium for renewal of cartilage & Bone-building.
  • Helpful before, during & after menopause for bone health.